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Hello - its been a while!

by admin 11 Mar 2016
Hello - its been a while!

Hello! Its been a while since we’ve spoken but here I am, finally back at work after baby number 2: a beautiful, bouncing brother for wee Rufus whom we called Angus and who is (unbelievably) 9 months old already. How did that happen? 

And now, after most of the puking and sleepless nights are behind us I finally have some time to devote to my third (and most demanding) child, my business. Its great to be back in the saddle and I’m raring to go with lots of new ideas for designs and products for 2016. Watch this space and I promise you’ll see some interesting and unexpected things, heehee.

I’ve resolved to be more social in 2016, so look out for more posts, blogs, tweets and insta’s very soon.


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