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Top tips for the perfect new home hamper

Top tips for the perfect new home hamper
Moving house can be incredibly stressful. Boxes can go missing and scarily, without an oven, planning your next meal can be uncertain. A hamper full of goodies is a great gift for anyone in this situation. So we’ve come up with our top tips for creating the perfect hamper.
Pease Love and Teackes Mug
A basket full of goodies can be the greatest luxury when you’ve just managed to find the kettle. If you know someone who’s just moved house here’s are gifts certain to go down a treat.
Pasta is a cupboard staple and it’s quick and easy to make. It’s deal for when you’ve just found a pan and it’s 3am and everyone can cook it. Some quality pasta like De Cecco’s with a jar of sauce or a bit of butter is beautiful. Perfect comfort food.
Add a tasty sauce in a jar that everyone will like, pesto or tomato arrabiata.
No matter what age you are hot cocoa is a treat. Green and Blacks is great and Cadbury’s does the original and arguably the best.
There’s lots of box carrying, packing and unpacking to be done in moving house. This calls for tea breaks so ensure there’s a stash of tasty biscuits in your hamper. A nice bar of chocolate is a great boost too. Add something different like a bar of Cocoa Mountains Ginger and Cocoa Nibs. 
The perfect basket doesn’t just have treats for the tummy. Scented candles will help to personalise the new house.  A fragrant hand soap for is a great treat, especially if the new occupants have been cleaning lots.
Moving might well be stressful, but it’s cause for celebration too! Add a bottle of fizz or a tasty bottle of fancy juice if alcohol isn’t your hosts idea of fun.

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