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Scottish Stocking Fillers for Christmas at Gillian Kyle

Scottish Stocking Fillers for Christmas at Gillian Kyle
Opening my stocking was always the most exciting part of Christmas day for me. I had a sack, rather than a stocking - more room for loot - and I’ll never forget the feeling of anticipation on waking up to see it peeking up at me from the floor. I'd haul it up onto my bed and stick my had inside to see what I could find. The best bit was trying to guess what was in there by touch alone, but I never got it right (apart from the satsumas).
Sadly I'm now deemed too old for a stocking (not sure who made up that rule), but if you are looking for some creative and unusual ideas for Scottish or British Christmas stocking fillers, we’ve got some great suggestions at . I’m a practical kinda gal so not a big fan of cheap, jokey things destined for land-fill once the tree has come down; I always prefer to give presents that the recipient will use and treasure.
And hurrah - the good news is that there is no need to sacrifice fun for functionality! Our bone china mugs , melamine coasters  and organic cotton tea towels  are useful, practical and guaranteed to be received with a great big grin. Ditto our Caramel Wafer sticky tape which I use to cover notebooks, wrap prezzies, seal envelopes and generally just stick on everything for a wee bit of added pzazz. If your budget is bigger, our organic cotton Scottish t-shirts  or tote bags  might fit the bill.
Good luck stocking your stockings, and Merry Christmas everyone.
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