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Our New Prints Are Here!

by admin 14 Oct 2014
Our New Prints Are Here!
Hello hello, I'm delighted to announce that my first wee capsule range of colour prints  is now for sale on the site  - hooray!  The prints feature all the greats of the Scottish food scene - Tunnock's Caramel Wafers and Teacakes, Mother's Pride Scottish Plain bread, scotch pies, wham bars (yes, they are Scottish!), Sweetheart Stout (made by Tennent's), and Irn-Bru. There is even an ode to the classic guilty pleasure - the good, old fashioned chippy.
The colours are bright and vibrant and they are just the right size to make a big impact framed up on the wall. Minimalism is not really my bag so I think these are a great way to add colour and fun in your home and especially in the most important room in the house, the kitchen. A lovely gift for yourself or someone you know who has a soft spot for Tunnock's Teacakes or Irn-Bru.
Have a look at the range here , and look out for more prints coming soon too.  See you soon pals.... Gx
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