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Gillian Kyle's Top Scottish Gifts for Father's Day

Gillian Kyle's Top Scottish Gifts for Father's Day
1. New Saltire Blue 'Scottish Pride' T-shirt
It's a big year for Scotland in more ways than one and we thought we'd jazz up our popular 'Scottish Pride' T-shirt  with a new colour -  a bonnie, bright new Saltire Blue.
2. 'Och Aye' Cufflinks
If your pops has a Scottish sense of humour like mine, he'll love these 'Och Aye' cufflinks by Bonnie Bling.
3. Trakke Waxed Cotton Messenger Bag
A great, modern man-bag by Trakke. Cooler than a boring briefcase and would be especially excellent for bike-communting Dads.
4. Whisky Barrel Pen
I don't know about your Dad, but mine always loves a present with a bit of a back story... and this amazing pen would make a fab gift for Dads with a particular love of whisky.
5. 'Scottish Breakfast Zoom' Apron
Well, it's the start of BBQ season isn't it!?
6. 'Scotland the Brave' Mug
In celebration of the referendum, the Games, Homecoming and the Ryder Cup, this mug is a new edition to the GK range. And its the perfect size for a good old-fashioned cup of builders tea!
7. Map of Scotland Luggage Tag
Make it easier for your Dad to identify his cases at the luggage carousel! Much cooler than a little bit of tartan ribbon tied around the handle of his bag.
8. Fish & Chips Fathers Day Card
Surely all Dads love a chippy?
9. Harris Tweed Hip Flask
Perfect for your Pa to keep in his sporran!

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