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Goldilocks had the right idea...

Goldilocks had the right idea...
Hello...Lorna here! Goldilocks had the right idea because eating porridge for breakfast provides you with enough energy for half the day...
It also stabilises blood sugar levels, calms hunger pangs and aids digestion. Taken regularly it can reduce the risk of Type 2 ( adult onset diabetes). Ideal for those involved in sports it has a slow release of energy and has been consumed by mountain climbers and explorers and taken into space by astronauts. You can enjoy your tasty oats on lovely Scottish themed coasters and place mats from Gillian Kyle. 
Hamish Schnauzer china mug and coasters by Gillian Kyle

Gillian Kyle Set of 'Hamish' Coasters  

Famous fans include Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Kate Moss, Madonna and Jane Fonda.World porridge day is held on the 10th of October.
Historically In the Highlands and Islands and the porridge was poured into a drawer in the kitchen dresser or cabinet and left to set. In the morning, fresh porridge was made for breakfast and a slice or two of the now set porridge from the drawer was taken to the workplace, usually out in the fields attending to the crops or animals. In the evening, it would be served in fried slices with eggs. There was generally enough porridge in the drawer to last the whole week and at the weekend or holidays the workers had herring or mackerel as a treat. Babies born to these poorer families were put to “bed” in a drawer, usually above the porridge drawer, and the slow rising heat acted as a kind of central heating for the well-wrapped children.
Mapped Out Scottish Map t-shirt by Gillian Kyle - print detail

'Mapped Out' T-Shirt

Scots were brought up on oats. There were oatcakes, flapjacks, bannocks and of course porridge. Soups and stews were thickened with oatmeal; apple crumbles topped with oatflakes; skirlie, made from toasted oats and onion, used to stuff chicken or served with mince. With the increasing awareness nowadays of the valuable contribution oats play in a healthy diet – this low-GI (Glycaemic Index) cereal is high in zinc, protein, iron, B vitamins, calcium, and cholesterol-reducing soluble fibre – we all ought to be making more of an effort to include oats in our everyday diets. A breakfast of porridge is a good start to any morning.

The varieties of oats are chosen according to compatibility with the soil and climatic conditions. The climate of Scotland suits oats perfectly, as growth is slow, because of the average annual temperature: there is little danger of the crop ripening too quickly under a sweltering summer sun. Cool temperatures mean the kernels develop and fill out very gradually, and so they become plump and full of flavour.
A couple of indulgent porridge based puddings for you to try. Enjoy!


50g / 1 3/4oz medium oatmeal
25g / 1oz light muscovado sugar
75ml / 2 1/2 fl oz whisky-based
cream liqueur
175g / 6oz raspberries, blueberries and
blackberries, roughly crushed and
whole berries to garnish
150ml / 5fl oz double cream,
lightly whipped

1. Place the oatmeal, 300ml / 10fl oz cold
water and the sugar in a pan and bring
slowly to the boil, stirring well.
2. Once boiling, reduce the heat and
simmer, stirring, for five minutes or
until thick.
3. Remove from the heat and stir in the
whisky liqueur. Set aside for 10 minutes,
stirring occasionally, then stir in the berries.
4. Fold in the cream and serve at once,
decorated with fresh berries.


200g / 7 oz whole rolled oats
150g/ 5 1/2oz toasted hazelnuts,chopped
100g / 3 1/2 oz light muscovado sugar
250g / 9 oz quality dark and milk
chocolate, grated
600ml / 1 pint double cream,
lightly whipped
500ml /18 fl oz crème fraiche
150ml / 5 fl oz Drambuie
450g / 1 lb raspberries (divided into 3)

1. Toast the oats by spreading them onto
a foil-lined baking tray and place this
under a preheated grill, for three-four
minutes, until golden brown. Stir often to
prevent burning.
2. Mix together the hazelnuts and sugar,
add the grated chocolate then tip in the
very hot oats, directly from the grill. Stir
everything together well until the
chocolate melts, allow to cool then break
up a little as it tends to form clumps.
3. In another bowl, gently combine the
lightly whipped cream with the Drambuie
and crème fraiche.
4. In a large glass dish, spoon in a third
of the oat mixture, then layer a third of
the Drambuie cream on top.
5. Lightly crush a third of the raspberries
and sprinkle on top then spoon another
third of the oats on top then more cream.
6. Crush another third raspberries,
sprinkle on top then scatter on the last
oats then a final layer of cream.
7. Smooth the surface, cover and
refrigerate for 24 hours.
8. Next day, top with the remaining
whole raspberries.

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