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Fancy a Chippy? Gillian Kyle's Celebration of a Scottish classic.

Fancy a Chippy? Gillian Kyle's Celebration of a Scottish classic.
There's nothing like a good old-fashioned Scottish fish supper; its the ultimate guilty pleasure. Garnished with some very mushy peas (please take note, garden peas are ALL WRONG) and washed down with a large pot of builders tea or a glass bottle (it definitely tastes better) of Scottish super-juice Irn-Bru. Best eaten whilst listening to Scottish country dancing music on Radio Scotland...don't knock it till you've tried it.
Even better, our wee local chippy fries in organic oil, so that makes it practically a health food, surely?
I’m not a luddite by any manner of means, but I really do miss the good old days when my fish supper came wrapped in waxy brown paper and newsprint (practical and informative). Food hygiene regulations - bah! Those cheap polystyrene boxes just don’t cut it for me at all. No class.
Many of the best chippies in the UK are here in bonnie Scotland - hardly a surprise given our natural abundance of fish and delicious Scottish seafood. But then again, we are the nation with the dubious honour of inventing the infamous deep fried Mars Bar, so its probably best not to rest on our laurels.
Well I reckon that’s tonight’s tea sorted in my house. Fight you for the crispy wee brown chips at the bottom.

Our new Fish & Chips range  is an unusual  and quirky Scottish gift for guys and girls who appreciate the finer points of a battered haddock. And also a good way to remind the Scottish rellies and friends abroad what they’re missing. 

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