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Top tips for the perfect house warming gift – the house move hamper

Top tips for the perfect house warming gift – the house move hamper
Moving house is incredibly stressful. Boxes can go missing, and it's invariably the one that's really needed – the one with the kitchen provisions that was going let you make everyone a nice cuppa. It's also a time when preparing food becomes a challenge, and that's when a hamper full of goodies becomes a real god send. So, I thought I'd share some tips for preparing the perfect house-move hamper.
A basket full of treats can be the greatest luxury when you’re barely managing to find the kettle. If you know someone who’s moving house, here’s a gift selection that's certain to go down a treat.
Pasta is a cupboard staple, and it’s quick and easy to make. It’s ideal for when you’ve just found a pan and it’s 3am and everyone is exhausted, but starving. Some quality pasta like De Cecco’s with a jar of sauce or a bit of butter is beautiful. Perfect comfort food. If like me, you prefer to avoid white processed carbs but love the convenience of pasta, try a Spelt version. Don't forget to add a tasty sauce in a jar, one that everyone will like - pesto or tomato arrabiata.
No matter what age, hot chocolate is a treat, and it's easy to prepare. Green & Blacks is great and Cadbury’s does the original, and arguably the best.
There’s a heck of a lot of box carrying, packing and unpacking to be done when moving house. This calls for frequent tea breaks, so make sure there’s a stash of tasty biccies in your hamper. Or, fill a cool tin with biscuits for a fun housewarming gift that's funky and functional. Our Tunnock's tins are the perfect size - fill them with Caramel Wafers or Teacakes to make a homely and colourful gift.
A nice bar of chocolate is a great boost, and raw superfood chocolate may be even better at such an energy-sapping time – IQ Superfood Chocolate  tastes great and gives you tons of energy. Or, add something different like a bar of Cocoa Mountains Ginger and Cocoa Nibs .
The perfect housewarming basket wouldn't be complete with just treats for the tummy. How about some natural, scented candles? They're not only practical, they will help to personalise the new home - choose Beeswax candles that have the added benefit of improving the air quality in the new place. A fragrant hand soap or moisturiser is a simple addition, but after a day of lifting and laying cardboard boxes they will be welcomed as a truly luxurious treat. I like to minimise the toxic chemicals I use so I'll always choose a natural brand like Faith In Nature , I find them kinder on the skin.
Mugs, tea towels and aprons are always useful and well-received, even more so if that box with the kitchen provisions still hasn't surfaced! Choose something bright, uplifting and witty, it will keep spirits high and serve as a meaningful memento long after this important event.
Moving might well be stressful, but it’s cause for celebration too! Add a bottle of fizz (Prosecco is perfect) or a tasty bottle of posh cordial and some San Pellegrino if alcohol isn’t your hosts idea of fun.
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