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Our Scottish Granny's Biscuit Tins

Our Scottish Granny's Biscuit Tins

Anyone with a Scottish Granny will have fond memories of their biscuit tins. In fact, in our family we have biscuit tins that once belonged to my husband’s great granny still in use today.

My own Mum (Gillian’s granny) had a great selection of biscuit tins in a variety of shapes and sizes. The coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 produced a plethora of memorabilia including many, many cake and biscuit tins. We still use my Mum’s to this day! Her favourite treat was Kit Kat biscuits and the tin was always full to the brim. She did get a bit cross with some of us for pinching her biccies and putting the empty wrappers back in the tin!

Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Caddy Tin £7.25

Gillian's other Granny was a wonderful baker and cook and her biscuit and cake tins were always packed full of the most delicious goodies. Sunday afternoon tea at Granny Kyle's was really special. Her home made soda scones were legendary. 


I'm absolutely convinced that Gillian's inspiration for many of her unique Scottish designs and gifts, and especially the Tunnock’s collection came from childhood memories of holidays in Scotland, as well as her two grannies’ kitchens. 


Hopefully our Scottish biscuit, cake and fudge tins from the Tunnock’s and Tartan Animals collections will stand the test of time and be the ‘granny's biscuit tins’ of the future! 

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