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Peace, Love and Irn-Bru

by admin 24 Mar 2017
Peace, Love and Irn-Bru

Originally called Strachans Brew, the firm was first founded in 1875 by Robert Barr. After branding laws enforced in 1946 the vowels were dropped and Irn Bru became the recreated  Brew. 

‘Irn-Bru’ A3 Monochrome Art Print

Coca Cola is the number 1 selling soft drink in the world - except in Scotland and the Middle East and our Irn Bru still tops the Scottish market much to the delight of us all. 

Only three people are said to know the recipe for making our favourite beverage and it's claimed that they never travel together just in case...

The Irn Bru adverts have become an intrinsic part of our Scottish humour and the new ones are eagerly anticipated and enjoyed by everyone, with the cheeky take on The Snowman still a firm favourite. 

Irn Bru is a well known hangover cure for the Scots who swear by its magical powers and as a testimony to this our very own Billy Connelly wrote an ode to Mr And Mrs Barr thanking then for their wonderful lifesaving Bru in his 1975 album "Cop Yer Whack For This"

Men’s T-shirt – ‘Peace, Love & Irn-Bru’

Gillian Kyle has a range of quirky Irn Bru type Scottish Gifts in her Scottish Breakfast Range including Teatowels, Mugs, Coasters, Aprons, Jugs, along with some unique hand drawn pen and ink illustrations that make great gifts.

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