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We are launching Wee G with 3 topical kids t shirt designs:

• Glasgow cone: the counterculture symbol of Glasgow
• Dippy: the dino-star at the Kelvingrove Art Museum
• May the Forth: the iconic Forth Bridge

What better way to say I Belong to Glasgow than donning the Glasgow Cone?
The Duke of Wellington has been proudly wearing his cone since the 1980s.
Our new Wee G Collection captures this unique Glasgow spirit in our kids' Cone t shirt: sizes 3 to 8 years old.
Glasgow’s miles better with the Glasgow Cone.
A t shirt almost too conical for words!
The magnificent 150 million year old Dippy the diplodocus strolled into Glasgow in January of this year.
Originally from Wyoming, Dippy has called the Natural History Museum of London home since 1905. Interestingly, it was Scottish legend Andrew Carnegie who funded the archeological dig in the US and was responsible for bringing Dippy to the UK.
Since arriving in Glasgow, the Scots have really taken Dippy to our hearts and he was given the ultimate Glasgow status symbol on April 1st when crowned with the Glasgow Cone!
If you haven’t done so already, you can still visit Dippy at the Kelvingrove Art Museum until 6 May. Admission is free.
Dippy, welcome home. I Belong to Glasgow. Also, check out our new Dippy mug and tea towel.

Last year we introduced the Gillian Kyle Go Forth Range celebrating the 3 Forth Bridges. We have been blown away by just how popular this range of t-shirts, tea towels, mugs and coasters has been.
In response to many requests, we have now created a new Wee G kids Forth tee, May the Forth. And launched just in time for the big day in the Star Wars calendar!
Be sure to read the full Gillian Story story on the 15 Fun Facts on the 3 Forth Bridges.

I hope you like my new Scottish children's t shirt designs. Watch this space for more fun designs and products in the Wee G range.
Till next time,
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