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It's a Westie World!

It's a Westie World!
Westies, or more formally West Highland Terriers, are a Scottish pedigree dog breed that dates back to the 18th century. They were originally bred for their tenacious ratting and general hunting prowess - but now they are more renowned as great wee companions with big personality and a cheeky streak a mile wide!
In my brand new Westie World range I've created a whole litter of new West Highland Terrier doggy characters. Each wee illustration  tells part of the story of our hero Westie's day - frolicking with a butterfly, digging in the garden, chasing a ball - or flat out and snoozing when he's downed toys after a hard days play.
In this range of West Highland Terrier gifts there are mugs, coasters and cushions, wall art canvases and suitcases. Its a great range for lovers of all things Westy, Westie owners and dog lovers in general.
Hope you like my Westie World animation too.


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