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The stag is out of the bag!

The stag is out of the bag!
We’re delighted to announce that our new range, Love Scotland arrived this week – hooray!
Alongside some great Scottish iconography, Love Scotland  features three characters; Dougal, a highland coo and two wee dugs Hamish and Archie. So much wonderful, iconic imagery is connected to Scotland and I wanted to incorporate that, while still keeping it fun and stylish.
Inspired by Scottish-ness
I've always loved the traditional and often, kitsch Scottish motifs: thistles, castles, bagpipes, thistles, stags, whisky and so on. I’ve had great fun featuring these alongside Dougal, Hamish and Archie. All three were characters I created way back at the beginning of my business, so I'm delighted that they've finally got a starring role.
Hamish is actually a Miniature Schnauzer, although people often think he's a Scottish terrier. I fell in love with his grumpy wee face when I saw it and had to draw him. He's got a wee tartan jaiket though, so he's pretty much an honorary Scot...
Archie is the proud Westie and Dougal’s our Highland coo. Luckily, Dougal is prepared for anything with his smart brolly. There’s a repeating motif of black umbrellas in this range; they’re a wee nod to the wonderful Scottish weather. Can you spot them all?  But, as all Scots know there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!!
As well as my loveable trio I've included both of Scotland's national drinks and of course, our delicious national dish in the Love Scotland  pattern. Yum!
It’s been great fun looking further into familiar icons that inspire me. I've got such a thing for classic typography and signage, so sought out the beautiful, old vintage Glenfiddich bottle from their archive for the whisky bottle.
Don't miss the cheeky seagulls perching in the Love Scotland design either. They'll be after your chips!
Setting the tone for my new range
My favourite way of working is with pen and ink, so all of the illustrations are hand drawn that way. The style compliments what this range is all about: celebrating Scottishness in a fun, modern way.
I've chosen a modern and minimal palette of soft bluey-grey, black and white because I'm keen that Love Scotland can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. The colours make these designs work really well for men and women, and look good in any kitchen colour scheme too!
I’m biased, but I do think these would make a lovely gift. They evoke Scotland so well and they’re a lovely reminder to send or take to friends or family living abroad. They would make a lovely house warming or wedding gift too. Keep an eye out for our hampers, they come in lots of our most popular designs including Love Scotland.
To shop the full Love Scotland range shop, click here. If you found this blog interesting, your friends and family might too, so please feel free to share it with your online community using the buttons on the left hand side under the main image above!
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