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Plates, Jugs and Coffee Cups!

Plates, Jugs and Coffee Cups!

Well folks, Autumn is here, the world is a blaze of reds, gold and browns and the nights are  fairly drawing in. That also means that Christmas is right around the corner, and the slightly terrifying spectre of Christmas shopping is looming large. 

Here at GK we have been pretty organised this year, and I am very pleased to introduce to you our new range of ceramic plates, dinky wee coffee cups, jugs and tea bag tidies ; available now in plenty of time for the festive season.

For this range I have revisited and updated some of our classic and most popular designs. Our bold and shiny Tunnock’s small plates, jugs and coffee cups will instantly funk up your teatime table; I especially love the typographic Caramel Stripe plate , based on elements of the classic gold and red Caramel Wafer wrapper.


I’ll be getting 6 of the vibrant blue Scottish Breakfast large plates  to use as a cool dinner service but they would also make a unique serving platter or be lovely mounted on your kitchen wall; a cool, modern take on a traditional idea! And the milk jug works beautifully with our mugs and coffee cups  in the same design to guarantee you take your coffee in style.

The whole range is fine bone china and decorated carefully by hand in Stoke-on-Trent. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the new bits and pieces  - and please feel free to share any great ideas for new products too! Over and out, Gill x

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