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All the Glitters is Gold (Mugs)

All the Glitters is Gold (Mugs)

Hello folks. The season of magic and sparkle is upon us once again, and what better way to celebrate than with a  wee limited edition range of glistening gold and silver embellished mugs.  I’ve taken 3 of our most popular mug designs and given them a shiny makeover. 

My personal  favourite is the gorgeous, golden Scottish Breakfast mug , featuring a bevy of beloved Scottish food and drink. It sits on my desk all day, glinting away and tempting me to have yet another cup of Earl Grey.

We’re selling all 3 designs singly, or as shimmering sets of 2  .  We’re pretty sure you won’t find a more festive Scottish-themed gift this Christmas.... Also highly recommended as a wee beginning-of-winter treat to yourself to add some golden glamour to your coffee breaks.

These are limited to a very small number indeed, and I think they will go like snow off a dyke (as my granny used to say) so don't leave it too long to get yours!

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