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New Christmas Cards

by admin 10 Nov 2014
New Christmas Cards
Introducing our first ever Gillian Kyle Christmas Cards  in 2 very festive and very Scottish designs!
The cards are for sale in packs of 4 and come in my brand new Westie Santa  and Tunnock’s Teacake Christmas Pudding  designs. What could be more festive than a holly-topped Tunnock's Teacake masquerading as a  Christmas pudding, after all?

We think they look rather jolly and we have it on good authority that Mr Tunnock himself may be using them as his cards this Christmas. We couldn't ask for more than that!
We have only printed a small number so here's your chance to impress your nearest and dearest with a very unique card which is guaranteed to raise a smile and look smashing sitting on the mantlepiece this Christmas.

I suppose this means that I have no excuse for leaving my card writing until the very last minute this year. I may even get them out before the last posting dates. Stranger things have happened....
Check the cards out here
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