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The very Scottish ingredients in my new t-shirt range

by admin 28 Oct 2016 0 Comments
The very Scottish ingredients in my new t-shirt range
My Dad is a proud Tartan Army member who loves to kit himself out in his beloved (and very well worn) kilt, matched with my Scottish Breakfast tee (he’s a big fan!) He travels the world, getting up to high-jinks and cheering Scotland on.
Dad and his adventures sum up everything I want my t-shirt range, and my brand, to be about. A sincere, light-hearted celebration of Scottish pride with a large dash of tongue-in-cheek humour, all topped off with a desire not to take life too seriously.
How the new additions to my t-shirt range came to be
I love designing t-shirts, I also love colour and wanted to add more modern Scottish tees to my range. The combination of my love of colour and design has carried me away in the past (yellow tee with a purple print anyone?) I’ve tried to keep to a palette which is understated, neutral and highly wearable, letting the designs do the talking. Now I’m keen to introduce them all to everyone – and share what inspired them.
Handsome Stagsstags-t-shirt-detail
I dig mirror image repeats, and I loved the effect created by the intricately drawn antlers intertwining. I wanted a modern, proudly Scottish design, without even the slightest touch of cheesiness. The result is a staggeringly handsome t-shirt (sorry, couldn’t help myself) featuring the majestic Monarch of the Glen. They are printed in bold black and white on a cool grey-marl tee.
My husband was pretty chuffed with his, he’s worn it non-stop since I brought it home.
Peace, Love & simple typography
Simple, really, isn’t it? Peace, love and Irn-Bru – 3 of the most important ingredients for a happy (Scottish) life!
Celebrating love for Scotland’s other national drink was high on my agenda - and this humorous wee typographic tee was the result.
My Peace, Love and… range is the first I’ve done that focusses on bold and simple typography. This light-hearted design; the modern, black print and heather-grey tee is a cool and modern combination. It’s been fun to try a different style!
Mapping out a collaborationscotland-mapped-tshirt-detail
As part of a collaboration I created this funky, typographic Scottish map. I was keen it would stand out from typographic maps that are already out there.
Like all of my designs, the artwork was all done by hand, in pen and ink; with LOTS of detail. I wanted to create real character and a very handcrafted feel. Hand-drawn typography is very new to me, so it took several days, but it was a real labour of love.
I loved the final design and had to use it! Printing white on a gorgeous, dark heather-blue tee is a very Scottish colourway, and it looks good with everything.
Usually I like to scale things up to the max so the pocket print is quite subtle for me! The effect is smart and restrained, making this a great tee for the proud Scottish male who’s a bit more discreet.
Classic designs – with a new look
new-scottish-breakfast-colourway-detailOriginally designed as a funny wee salute to some of Scotland’s most beloved foods, I started printing Scottish Breakfast at my kitchen table 9 years ago. It is ever popular, although it’s not the breakfast of champions! Featuring Irn-Bru, Scott’s Porridge Oats, a plain loaf, a Wham bar and a Scotch Pie, plus a sneaky wee dram, it’s a mouth-watering selection. This version is printed in off-white onto a dark grey marl effect t-shirt - fresh, Scottish and modern for 2016!
If you know my designs Dougal, the Highland Cow will be familiar. He’s one of my very favourite drawings, based on a hirsute chap I once encountered on my way to Inverary. This appearance in chic and understated stone and black is a new colourway, he looks awful dapper.
I’m awfully proud of my new range of t-shirts and hope that you all like them too – you can see them all here. They look good with a fantastic kilt and a smile, but they also work brilliantly with jeans. I hope you agree and remember, all photos are warmly welcomed!
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