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Hurray for hampers!

Hurray for hampers!
You lovely lot, my customers, are brilliant, inspiring folk. This week we are launching a range of hampers bursting with some of our most popular modern Scottish goodies, prettily packaged and perfect for gifting. These might never have come about if it weren’t for you lot, so I'm feeling very grateful today.
The hampers were born because folk kept sending me pictures of hampers they had received or made up themselves as gifts full of our products. Wedding presents, new house pressies, work leaving gifts and more. It feels like they have been turning up all over the place, and I’d like to think that they are always appreciated!
So, I finally got round to sitting down and choosing products for our own range of ready made hampers.

So what's inside?tunnocks-large-hamper

Now, I know every home needs mugs and tea towels. An apron for the resident cook is great and matching mats and coasters jazz up every meal. Narrowing down the type of products that I would gift was the easy bit. Choosing which ranges to include was much harder! I've narrowed it down to seven hampers in our most popular ranges.

Which ranges to chose?

scottish-breakfast-contentsTunnock's was (of course!) a shoe in, but choosing exactly what to put in was just too hard; that's why there is a big, luxury one and a wee one too.
Scottish Breakfast is an oldie but a goodie. I know these Scottish foods and brands stir up patriotic emotions so I had to get these together. (I can't help thinking this one's the perfect gift for anyone setting up their first home.)
Since it arrived this summer the Love Scotland range has had so much love. Hamish the Schnauzer, Archie the Westie and Dougal the Highland Coo each have their own fans so they were a must. And the colour goes with everything too.
I really enjoyed creating my Tartan Animals and this eclectic little bundle is one of my favourite hampers.
There are two Christmassy hampers – one with our Christmas stag in cheery red and grey and one with our new Tunnock's Christmas Pudding range.
gillian-kyle-hampers-xmasThere are a wide range of price points across the range (from £55 to £151) so I’ve made sure that there’s something to fit the bill for lots of different occasions.

Carefully wrapped gifts

The whole process of unwrapping a hamper is a huge part of the fun, so that's been thought about as well. Every product is carefully protected by shredded paper in one, big box (perfect for gifting!) Before we send each one the outer box is wrapped in bubble wrap and put inside an outer box – so its double protected.
Remember hampers are great gifts, and all of ours can be shipped around the world. I'm excited to see where they get to!
You can have a peek at all of the hampers here.
Ta ta til next time.
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