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Scottish Notecards

Scottish Notecards
Introducing our new Gillian Kyle Scottish themed notecard sets: packs of 12 notecards (blank inside) and envelopes featuring 4 different designs in each.
The next time you reach out to an old friend or distant relative, why not send a little ray of Scottish sunshine in the form of a hand written Scottish notecard?
Today we seem to bump into people more than we have ever done before. And not in a good way! Walking down the street you find yourself on a collision course with someone frantically texting or commenting, totally oblivious to you and everything else in their path. I’m sure the contents of these urgent texts must be barely intelligible and loaded with spelling mistakes. Providing it even gets to the intended target and not inadvertently sent to their boss or the last person they texted!
Against this backdrop, now more than ever, I believe is the perfect time to write a quick and personal wee note to an old friend and pop it in the post versus sending just another banal text or email.Take a minute to think about that perfect point of connection that only the two of you share or the thing you like most about them. Write it on a notecard and maybe throw in a little hand-drawn emoji while you're at it. I guarantee this will feel rewarding to you, and I bet the impact on the receiving end will be even greater. Wow, look at this, something nice has actually landed on my doormat this morning!! And it's not even my birthday. (Or is it?) Your 3 minutes of effort will be read a couple of times over and then gently placed on a mantelpiece or shelf to be admired and re-read again and again, raising a wee smile each time.So, if unlike me, you don’t have a drawer or shoebox full of notecards ready for every possible occasion - real or imagined - I’ve got a simple proposition for you. Why not buy some nice cards (from your local card shop; museum shop if you have one in your area or one of my new sets of Scottish notecards) and send a ray of sunshine or two in the post.
Cards aren’t just for Christmas.
"Tea and Tunnock’s" as Boyd Tunnock himself is known for saying "one is simply better with the other.”


So the next time you feel like a little Tunnock’s indulgence accompanied with a Perfect Cuppa, share the love and invite a friend or two over with an appropriate Tunnock’s notecard.


And as a special surprise, why not squish and freeze some Tunnock’s tea cakes in advance? You’ll never realise just how good they are until you try one. The Frozen Tea Cake just so happens to be one the cards in the pack.

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