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How Long You A Wafer? Escape to the Tunnock's Caramel Caravan

How Long You A Wafer? Escape to the Tunnock's Caramel Caravan

Tunnock’s lovers; you can now combine your love of biscuits with your love of holidays in a chocolate lovers paradise on the banks of Loch Goil.

Our fave biscuitsmiths  have teamed up with Argyll Holidays to launch the first ever 'Tunnocks Caravan Wafer’; a static caravan on the Drimsynie Estate Holiday Village in Argyll which has been wrapped in Tunnock’s iconic gold and red striped foil to look like a 38ft long caramel wafer!

As an official Tunnock’s licensee, I was delighted to collaborate on this biscuit-lovers dream ticket and provide a whole host of Tunnock’s biscuit themed art and homeware for the interior, including Tea Cake and Caramel Wafer cushions, prints and canvases, mugs, tableware, and bold Tea Cake Wrapper clock.

Sales director at Tunnock’s, Fergus Loudon, said that the team there were excited when Argyll Holidays came to them with the concept. 'We could immediately visualise how it would look and it’s amazing to see it all come to life' he said.

In other Tunnock's news this week Sunday Brunch presenter Tim Lovejoy asked if a Caramel Wafer is a biscuit or not - and the nation was split!

Tim questioned whether our favourite caramel-choccy treat still qualified as a biscuit and decided to put that very point to their viewers in a poll.

More than 11,000 people took part with almost two-thirds deciding that our beloved Caramel Wafer does indeed deserves its place in the biscuit hall of fame.

As if we needed a poll to tell us that.

Talking of Caramel Wafers, remember the time we worked out that the whopping 6 million made and sold every week would stretch all the way from one end of Scotland to the other? Read our Scottish Facts and Figures blog for more fascinating tidbits.

A family run business, Argyll Holidays started from humble farmland roots over 50 years ago and has grown to become Scotland’s market leading holiday brand. The Drimsynie park at Lochgoilhead is tucked away down a twisty, single track road at the top of the Rest and Be Thankful near Arrochar.

The park is fab - there’s a very cool hotel and leisure centre, outdoor and indoor play areas for wee people; and most importantly, a view to die for. It’s definitely on my list of places to take the kids for a long weekend next year.

The Tunnock's Caravan is wee slice of chocolate heaven in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Find out more about Argyll Holidays, the Drimsynie Park and the Tunnock's Caravan here.
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