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The skirt that symbolises Scotland...

The skirt that symbolises Scotland...

 As one of the most recognisable symbols of Scotland, the kilt is a proud part of our culture and is well known all over the world. Whether worn at weddings, rugby matches, pipe band shows or by the man playing the bagpipes on the Royal Mile, it never fails to look smart, suave - and just a teensy bit sexy too. This most famous item of Scottish clothing dates back to the 16th century, and the word comes from the ancient Norse word, kjilt, which means pleated. 

Its a kilt, not a skirt! 

My Love Scotland’ range features a braw piper in his full Scottish kilt attire, from his sporran to his hose (kilt socks). The sporran is a treasured part of male Scottish Highland dress. The pouch is often made of leather or fur, and it can come in very handy for a hip flask full of whisky

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And that big question about what Scottish men wear under the kilts? Its all down to personal preference. Its a long standing joke and tradition that has been passed over through the centuries, with no real significance or reason behind it - just a bit of fun. 

The Kilt Knife, known to us Scots as the Sgian Dubh’ comes from Gaelic and means  ‘black knife. Traditionally, its a small knife, with a decorative bone handle and leather sheath thats kept tucked inside the top of the kilt socks. Nowadays, its common to have a plastic replica of the knife - after all, we Scots are much more civilised now than when kilts were first worn. Well, mostly.

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Traditionally, for evening occasions men wear lace-up Ghillie Brogueswhite kilt shirts, waistcoat and dress jacket plus a tie or bow tie with their kiltsDaytime affairs call for tweed jackets and less formal footwear! But for an altogether more relaxed look, or as an option to change into once the ceilidh dancing begins, my range of organic cotton T-Shirts for Men look great with a heavy kilt. How do you wear your kilt? Tweet us your photos @gilliankyle 

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