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Representing Scotland all over the world | Scottish Diaspora

Representing Scotland all over the world | Scottish Diaspora
It’s important to me that my products are available to everyone. So, at Gillian Kyle, we make sure that each of our orders are ready to be delivered anywhere. I love that people far away from Scotland are enjoying Gillian Kyle products. We’ve sent parcels far and wide, so I know that our Scottish-themed designs appeal to the ‘Scottish Diaspora’…
This terminology is used to describe people with Scottish roots who are descendants of emigrants from Scotland, and who live in other countries. The Scottish Diaspora often have a strong bond with Scotland and their Scottish heritage is important to them.

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For generations, Scots have traveled and settled all over the world. The Highland Clearances are a big part of Scottish history. They were the eviction (during the 18th and 19th centuries) of a high number of tenants in the Scottish Highlands, to other parts of the UK, North America and Australasia. Nowadays, it’s really common for Scots to move to other countries and experience new cultures, but with strong and secure Scottish connections, their love of all things Scottish remains unshakeable. I know that when I'm abroad, I feel really proud of the country I come from, and all of the fun Scottish culture that comes with it.

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I’m delighted to be able to have your orders delivered to you, wherever you are. Whether it be to send a gift and surprise a family member who has long since moved, or to treat yourself overseas with a nice reminder of home, we’ve got you covered.

Scots in every country contribute in helping to build Scotland’s fantastic international reputation. We’re well known for celebrating our unique and iconic Scottish culture and heritage worldwide. I love it when you meet someone from a different country who tells you of their proud Scottish roots!
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We can deliver your parcel anywhere in the world. Within the EU, please allow 3-4 working days and 6-7 days for the rest of Europe. All other destinations will take approximately 10 working days, but they’ll get to you! Thinking of ordering a Scottish gift for yourself or a friend? Take a look at our ranges of homeware, suitcases, gifts, T-shirts and baby clothes.

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