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New Dark Choc Tunnock’s Tins by Gillian Kyle

New Dark Choc Tunnock’s Tins by Gillian Kyle

So, everyone has been asking for these for a while, and finally, here they are - our ever popular Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer rectangular tins in a stylish dark chocolate option. Like the red and white milk choc version these are designed to look like a giant Caramel Wafer biscuit with the design wrapping all the way around the tin - I'm a bit hopeless with technical design so that bit took the longest time to get right.


These smart navy, gold and white tins are obviously perfect for storing your biccies (Tunnock’s or not - other branded biscuits are available (but clearly inferior)) but also make an excellent man-tin or repository for your general odds and ends. Mine is filled with one of my vast collections of coloured pens.

 Just don’t keep it hidden in a cupboard!

Shop the Dark Choc Caramel Wafer tin here, and don't forget to check out our other bright and colourful Tunnock's tin options right here.

Speak soon,


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