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Great Scottie!

by admin 26 May 2018
Great Scottie!
Scotties or more formally Scottish Terriers are a Scottish pedigree dog breed that dates back to the 18th century and were originally bred for their tenacious ratting and general hunting prowess. Nowadays they are cherished the world over as loyal and loving companions.
In my brand new Great Scottie range I've created a whole litter of new Scottish Terrier doggy characters. Each wee illustration shows our hero Scottie thinking hard about something he wants - someone to play with, walks, a bone, or snoozing and chasing rabbits in his dreams!
There are mugs, coasters and cushions, wall art canvases and suitcases. Its a great range of Scottish Terrier gifts for lovers of all things Scottie, Scotty dog owners and dog lovers in general.
Hope you like my Great Scottie animation too.
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