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Luxury Scented Candles | Gillian Kyle

Luxury Scented Candles | Gillian Kyle
With the leaves on the trees turning golden and the nights closing in,  winter is slowly approaching and at Gillian Kyle, we are delighted! It’s a special time of year when you’re back to wrapping on your scarf in the morning and seeing your breath as you leave the house - all the more pleasant when it’s not raining, of course!
Selection of Scottish scented candles by Gillian Kyle

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There has been a new addition for our homeware range,  which we are definitely look forward to using in the winter nights - luxury scented candles! All Gillian Kyle Candles in the range are made of soy wax, which lasts longer than usual wax and  has no  toxins - a big plus for us. The candles come in four different styles:‘Foxy’, ‘Hare Hare’, ‘Lola’ and ‘Mr. Stag’. All of our candles have a lovely floral and vanilla scent - yum!
scented candle with highland cow by Gillian Kyle

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We thought we’d take a quick look at the history of candles to go with the arrival of our new product. Traditional wicked candles have been used since 3,000 BC, and although not a lot is known about their origin, it’s commonly thought that the first candles were developed by the Ancient Egyptians, who used reeds in melted animal fat in the beginning and later progressed to using beeswax.
Candles have always played an important part in religious ceremonies, like Christmas, Hanukkah (the Jewish festival of lights) and Easter. The slow burning lights have helped humans through the night for centuries, and they continue to be a source of relaxation and symbolism today.  
scented candle with highland cow in box by Gillian Kyle

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Looking for a gift? Then Gillian Kyle Candles are ready to go. They come in smart black square boxes, with gold detail on the outside. Whether you’re passing it onto a friend, taking a relaxing bath or setting a cosy scene in your living room, we hope you enjoy our new range of candles.
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