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Fish and Chips - you can never haddock enough...

Fish and Chips - you can never haddock enough...
I love these salt and vinegar soaked parcels of delight so much, that there’s a whole range of products dedicated to them on my website. I’m really fond of the traditional Fish Supper Friday and there’s something about the smell of a Scottish chippy that makes me nostalgic for the cold, wet days when I would be warm inside with a steaming hot chippy as a kid.
Drinks Coasters with Fish and Chips design by Gillian Kyle

Set of Four Coasters 

For the most delicious fish and chips dinner, we should really listen to the advice of those living by the ports - never eat fish and chips when you can’t see the sea! It’s true that there’s something special about sitting in the wind at the beach with a warm chippy on your lap. An amazing 250 million fish and chip meals are sold each year in the UK. I wonder how many I’ve contributed over the years...
You name it, we can deep-fry it...
If you visit a chippy in Scotland, you’ll be sure to find more than just fish behind the counter. We are proud to offer a huge range of deep-fried, delicious treats. We have deep-fried pizza (known as a ‘pizza crunch’), deep-fried sausages (for a ‘sausage supper’), fritters (the Scottish take on a hash brown) and of course, the infamous deep-fried Mars bar. If you haven’t tried one - do it! We’ll be impressed if you can finish a whole one.
Fish and Chips Kitchen Apron on Model by Gillian Kyle

Fish and Chips Apron

Items from the Gillian Kyle ‘Fish and Chips’ range are currently at discounted prices in our sale. What do you put on your chips? Glasgow favours salt and vinegar, while in Edinburgh it’s salt and (brown) sauce. Send us in photos of your fish and chips by the sea or at home to @gilliankyle

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