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Tunnock's Teacake Chair

Tunnock's Teacake Chair
Sometimes you just feel like doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone. Something a little off the wall. So just before Christmas I teamed up with the lovely ladies at Pink Grapefruit  bespoke upholsterers to do something I’ve never done before; design a piece of furniture.
Pink Grapefruit specialise in bespoke, restored furniture and unique textile pieces, combining traditional skills with modern design. Their pieces are truly beautiful, so I was thrilled when they agreed to collaborate on this project and I knew they would be the perfect fit for what I wanted to do...

Take one carefully sourced, vintage armchair with perfect retro styling, restore it with patience and love and re-upholster in specially designed, digitally printed Tunnock’s Teacake Wrapper fabric. Result? A truly unique statement piece  and a lotta lotta fun! Oh, and its really comfy too :)
The Teacake wrapper with its red sunray stripes and iconic central star was first designed in the 50’s and has been produced, unchanged, ever since. Its a living piece of nostalgia and a wonderfully bold design to boot.

I just love the ritual of finishing my Tunnock’s teacake (ok, teacakes, who am I kidding?) and carefully smoothing out the wrappers until they are completely wrinkle free. That was the inspiration for this textile pattern - lots and lots of teacake wrappers, smoothed out and layered up to create something a little bit crazy!
You can see the chair here. There will only ever be one like this - I hope you like it!

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