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by admin 02 Mar 2016
I’ve been all about the collaborations lately. Fresh after blogging about our bright and beautiful Tunnock’s Teacake chair (a fab collab with bespoke furniture restorers Pink Grapefruit) here I am again to introduce our new range of Tunnock’s biscuit tins.
These handy, retro styled storage tins  are perfect for almost any use you can think of - biscuits, tea, coffee, odds and ends. My Caramel Caddy tin is currently playing host to my set of designers felt tip pens - its the perfect size!

I was so excited when purveyors of the finest tinware, Elite Tins got in touch to say that they’d love to work together. These guys are the market leaders in the UK, and renowned for the top notch quality of their products, so it didn’t take me long to say yes.
I've never designed anything like a tin before and the process was an eye opener. So many things to think about that don't apply to tea towels! The Caramel Wafer rectangle tin in particular was a labour of love and is designed to look like a giant Caramel Wafer with the design wrapping around the whole tin - that took a really, really long time to get right. Luckily the chaps at Elite are total experts and were on hand to provide hints and tips that helped us make sure it turned out perfectly.
We’ve produced a capsule range of 3 tins in a variety of sizes and shapes. There’s a round caddy and a rectangular tin with a hinged lid in my Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer design and a large square cake tin decorated with my Tunnock’s Teacake Wrapper drawings.

I love them all, but the large Teacake Wrapper tin is definitely my favourite; the sunray stripes and central star of the wrapper help create a really bold design, and the tin itself is such a great size.  Its amazing to think that that wee wrapper has been unchanged since its launch in the 1950’s. How many other bits of packaging design can make a claim like that? Its a true Scottish success story!
You can check out the tins here. 
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