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Scottish Plain Bread

by admin 05 Apr 2017
Scottish Plain Bread

Hi! Its Lorna here again, Gillian's Mum. Who doesn't remember pieces (sandwiches) made of Mothers Pride thick cut plain bread ? And who fought over the doorstep ? (The lovely thick outside ends) 

Scottish Breakfast Zoom Tea Towel

Toasted with cheese. Buttered with tomato soup. A jam or jeely piece.  Delicious.  The Jeely Piece Song was written by Adam McNaughtan in 1960s.

With a great number of the population of Glasgow in the sixties  living in high -rise flats the song is a very humorous tale of the difficulty of throwing snacks to the weans from these heights:

"Oh ye cannae fling pieces oot a twenty story flat,

Seven hundred hungry weans'll testify tae that, 

If it's butter, cheese or jeely, if the breid is plain or pan, 

The odds against it reaching earth are ninety- nine tae wan."

Gillian Kyle's version of Mothers Pride features strongly in The Scottish Breakfast Collection.  Yet another Scottish treasure! 

‘Scottish Breakfast’ Hamper

See below for our recent additions to the Gillian Kyle Suitcase collection - the 'Scottish Pride' suitcase, which is available in both Mustard and in Sky Blue!

Scottish Terrier suitcase in blue by Gillian KyleScottish suitcase in Scottish Pride mustard design by Gillian Kyle

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