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Gillian Kyle's Kitsch Christmas - Scotties and Westies

Gillian Kyle's Kitsch Christmas - Scotties and Westies
Everyone loves a cute dog at Christmas, no? And, as we all know, Scottish dogs are the cutest of all. As an avid collector of vintage ephemera and with this unassailable fact in mind, I've put together some  of my fave kitschy Christmas Scotties and Westies for your delectation. Most of these are adorable. Some are a teeny wee bit odd. But all of them are very, very Scottish.
Santa, please bring me a puppy this year?

Well ok - a puppy isn't very practical is it. But I'd love one of these...

I have to be honest with you, these two frighten me slightly.

I never manage to find gems like this in junk shops. Fabulous!

Nice try buster - she's having none of it though is she? Distinctly unimpressed. Can't say I blame her really - a bottle of Scotch as a Christmas prezzie might elicit the same  response from me.

Awww. Merry Christmas to you too little chap, and Season's Greetings to one and all from all of us at!

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