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Scottish Brands

Crunchie Biscuit, Munchie Caramel

by admin 28 Feb 2014
Crunchie Biscuit, Munchie Caramel
Another piece of vintage fabulousness from Scottish biscuit superheroes Tunnock's for your delectation. Such a brilliant shade of orange and features surely the best line ever to be printed onto a biscuit wrapper;
This biscuit is made on our fully automated wafer plant where strict quality control is maintained. 
Its a bold statement I know but I might actually love the Caramel Log a teensy-weensy bit more than the mighty Caramel Wafer. Keep that under your hat.
If you like this, then you'll love our Tunnock's TeacakeTunnock's Caramel Wafer and Sweet Tooth Scottish gift ranges. And check out all of our vintage-inspired Scottish and British gift designs here .
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