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Meet you at the clock | Glasgow Central Station

Meet you at the clock | Glasgow Central Station
Glasgow Central has been a favourite meeting point for myself and many others over the years. The classic plan to meet under the clock always marks the start of a nice day with a pal at the shops or a few drinks in town at the weekend. It’s the busiest rail station in Scotland, and it’s bursting with history (and my own fond memories) which makes it my favourite!
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The station initially opened with eight platforms, but with huge demand from us adventurous Scots and visiting tourists, the number has now grown to seventeen. Having opened 137 years ago, the station makes the pages of a good few history books...John F Kennedy's very first public engagement took place in the station's hotel and manager's office, wars have left their mark on the station with troops saying their goodbyes on the station’s platform before leaving to fight, and the target in the infamous Great Train Robbery departed from Glasgow Central. If these walls could talk!

The Grand Central Hotel on Gordon Street is an iconic part of Glasgow. Its grand entrance, accessibility and prime city-centre location make it a really special venue. The hotel was given a whopping £20 million refurbishment and reopened in 2010, giving visitors the chance to lounge in the plush Champagne Bar with views of the busy station. Amazingly, the world's first long-distance television pictures were transmitted to the Central Hotel in the station, on 24 May 1927 by John Logie Baird!
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This Glasgow station marks the beginning of new adventures for me (like going to London and visiting friends in different cities) but it also represents that feeling of coming home after being away - you just can’t beat it!
Send across your photos of Glasgow Central to @gilliankyle - I'd love to see them!

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