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Hats off to Johanna Basford, OBE

Hats off to Johanna Basford, OBE
Hey everyone,
Today’s blog is all about the global phenomenon that is colouring-in for adults! I’d like to start off by celebrating fellow Scot and illustration queen, Johanna Basford. Not only has this talented lady topped bestsellers lists everywhere with her colouring books, she’s now Johanna Basford OBE! Yep, that’s right, she’s been awarded an OBE for services to art and entrepreneurship as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours. It's a huge achievement, so big congratulations to you, Johanna.
Johanna, and her books, have played a big part in making colouring-in a fun thing for grown-ups, not just kids. Her intricate and distinctive designs make beautiful pictures and I'm all for more of those in the world!
Colouring-in for adults has rocketed in the past few years. In book shops from Skye to Newcastle and around the world you can now buy gorgeous designs to colour in. There are even magazines dedicated to the hobby. Who would ever have thought it a few years ago?
For me the thrill of seeing a new illustration in full colour for the first time is brilliant. Whether I'm working on a new collection or just doodling (something I do a lot), I love it. Choosing colours and seeing an image come to life is great. Now so many other grownups are getting excited about it, I'm only surprised it took so long for everyone else to get it!
If you've ever put (coloured) pencil to paper you'll know it's not just about the end result, it's also a really soothing way to spend time. Science boffins are big fans because of how we use our different parts of our brain when we're colouring in, but for most people it's just a really great way to de-stress.
Of course, showing off your finished work is all part of the fun. You only have to take a peek on Insta or Facebook to see that everyone and their granny are at it.
If you're a colouring-in fan keep an eye out, I might just have something to share with you coming up. You never know...
And if you’re looking for some colouring inspiration check out my illustrated wall art here, or see my full range of products here.
Till next time,

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