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Andy Murray OBE!

Andy Murray OBE!
Andy Murray mania is a bit of a thing here in the Gillian Kyle studio;  we'd probably even go as far as declaring him a 'national treasure'. Evidently the Palace agrees and our favourite prince has now honoured our favourite sportsman with an OBE.
We've gone gooey over the wee glimpses of the 'real' Andy that we've seen in recent documentaries and on Comic Relief (see, he does smile after all).  We cried with him (like a baby, truth be told) when he missed out on his Wimbledon, and cried with happiness and relief when he took Olympic Gold and triumphed on Centre Court  this year. And we oohed and ahhed at his lovely girlfriend Kim as she sat on the edge of her seat watching him play.
Andy's success raises the bar for Scottish sports a wee bitty higher, showing a generation of young Scots that anything is possible if you want it enough, that we Scots are a world-class bunch.

It was a no-brainer for us to choose Andy as one of our 'Local Heroes' and create a lovely fine bone china mug in his honour. The Local Heroes range  is a collaboration between me and  the very lovely and talented young illustrator Clare Forrest whose charming illustrations capture him perfectly. The Andy Murray mug  originally sold out in  just  4 days - testament to the love that's out there for the man from Dunblane.
The good news is that we have them back in stock now - bag yours before they're gone. Its an unusual and unique Scottish gift for sports fans and anyone else who's been carried along on the Andy Murray tidal wave. The less good news is that poor Andy is out of the game at the moment recovering from an operation on his back. Have a good rest Mr Murray and come back fighting fit next year ready to take on the world all over again. We'll be waiting with baited breath.

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