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The buzz behind my 'Butterflies and Beasties' range

The buzz behind my 'Butterflies and Beasties' range
My Butterflies and Beasties range features some of our most iconic Scottish wildlife, from curious hares to majestic stags. Buzzing around on many of the prints is the beautiful honey bee - a wee beastie we have lots to thank for.
You won’t bee-lieve how much they do for us...
The honey bee has been around for millions of years. They are vital to our ecosystem as they are responsible for the pollination of lots of fruit and vegetable crops worldwide, meaning that they transfer pollen grains and allow our vegetation to grow.
Bees are the only insect that produces food we can eat - sweet, sweet honey! Amazingly, honey never spoils and can be used for medicinal purposes as it helps to protect us from infections. Hot water, lemon and honey is my go-to when I’m feeling under the weather - thank you, bees!

Gillian Kyle 'Lola' Print at £25.00

How to help our disappearing bees…
You might have heard that bee colonies are beginning to disappear and hive numbers are dwindling. Loss of biodiversity and an increase in bee-killing pesticides due the increasing industrialisation of agriculture, plus increased numbers of parasites and pathogens and climate change are the main causes. Its a bleak picture, but there are little things we can all do to help the bees:

  1. If you have a garden or window box, plant things that they like - clover, lavender and oregano are some of their favourites!
  2. Eliminate garden pesticides and weedkillers - they are so bad for humans and pets and even worse for our fuzzy friends…
  3. Support your local beekeepers. Do you have wee ones? Try something different and take them to do a tour of your local beekeeper’s hive.
  4. Donate to Friends of the Earth and receive a ‘Bee Saver Kit’ with lots more practical advice.
  5. Check out Scottish company Plan Bee to buy some delicious honey and cool honey products,  ‘adopt’ a bee or hive - or even crowd-fund a hive for your local area!

'Grey Thistle' Scottish Suitcases from £99-£159

The Butterflies and Beasties designs are featured on a selection of different prints for the home, and on five stylish suitcases. When were you last stung by a bee? I hope you can forgive and forget! Tweet us at @gilliankyle

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