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Well,  what is it ?

Traditional Haggis is a sheep's stomach filled with the finest  lamb, beef, oats, onions and spices. Rich in iron, protein, vitamins B1 and B2, calcium, copper and zinc.  Usually served with mashed turnips (neeps) and potatoes  it is a delicious and nutritious meal. 

And what is it not?

It is not a three legged small and hirsute indigenous Scottish beastie, hunted to extinction in the Scottish Highlands. 

Men’s T-shirt – ‘Haggis

The Mighty Scottish Haggis

Every year Scotland hosts multiple Burns suppers to  celebrate our national bard Robert Burns.  

The Haggis is piped in triumphantly and then comes the "Address to the Haggis." which Burns wrote describing the Haggis as Great Chieftan o the Pudding Race.

If however actually  eating Haggis is not your bag then you can sign up for the new sport of Haggis Hurling. The world Haggis Hurling championships were held last year at the Bearsden and Milngavie Highland Games. 

In 2016 Justin Bieber shunned 5 star Michelin meals in favour of Haggis and chips washed down with Irn Bru at the Blue Lagoon in Glasgow. 

‘Wee Haggis’ Scottish Baby Vest

Here at Gillian Kyle, we also celebrate the Haggis as one of our national treasures and we have Scottish Gifts including Haggis T-shirts, for the man in your life (looks amazing worn with a kilt), and for the wee people in your lives we have the softest little organic Haggis baby vest and bibs.  We also feature Haggis in the Love Scotland range along with many other iconic Scottish favourites. 

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