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Westies and their fluffy white coat...

by admin 22 May 2017 0 Comments
Westies and their fluffy white coat...
This is Archie - he’s a wee scamp. With his tartan bow tie and big brown eyes he looks like butter wouldn't melt – but as all Westie owners will tell you – he's got a streak of mischief in him a mile wide! The Scottish West Highland Terrier features on a number of my designs, and there’s many reasons why as a Terrier, he’s earned his place as one of Scotland’s most iconic dogs. Gillian Kyle china mug in Archie West Highland terrier design

‘Archie’ Westie Dog Fine China Mug, £10. Shop here. 

White West Highland Terrier’s were bred in Scotland to clear out farms, work houses and barns of vermin - and their snow white fur helped to keep them visible and safe. They’re built to be able to squeeze through small spaces, such as the underground tunnels that they’d be sent down. They are very verbal dogs (or noisy wee things if you prefer!) as they were bred to have a loud bark so that farmers could hear them underground. fudge tin with scottish westie by gillian kyle

Tartan Westie Fudge Tin, £9.95. Shop here. 

Greyfriar’s Bobby The heartwarming story of Greyfriar's Bobby, a faithful Skye Terrier who watched over his owner's grave until he died himself,  is well known all across Scotland and further afield. Bobby’s statue in Edinburgh is a lovely reminder of the devoted loyalty between the dog and his owner. I'm a massive terrier fan as they've got personality by the ton! Kitchen Tea Towel with Archie the Westie Dog Love Scotland Design by Gillian Kyle '

Archie’ Westie Dog Cotton Tea Towel, £9. Shop here. 

I've celebrated the cheeky wee monkeys that are Scottish Westies on a number of different products. There's my ‘Tartan Animals’ range of fine china mugs, fudge tins, tea towels, aprons, placemats and even an A3 art print that will make a fantastic present for a Westie lover! And check out my 'Archie' products too, which are part of the Love Scotland range.
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