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Suitcases That Suit You...

Suitcases That Suit You...

There’s nothing better than the feeling of laying an empty suitcase on your bed and beginning to pack for your hols. That feeling of excitement and anticipation is hard to beat! These days with 2 little boys to organise too, it can be more a case of stuffing it in and hoping for the best, but having a great suitcase definitely makes things easier and more fun.


'Mapped Out' Suitcase £99-£159 

Amazingly, wheels were only added to suitcases in 1970! That’s just 47 years ago. I can’t imagine lugging my case around airports and on trains without wheels. And on that note, in 1956, the Oxford English dictionary added the word ‘luggage’ to its pages. The word came from the verb ‘to lug’ and meant ‘inconveniently heavy baggage’. I recently designed a new range of Scottish Suitcases & Luggage  and I’m pleased to say that not only are they lightweight and practical (with eight wheels for easy movement - no lugging required), but they look rather lovely too.

Gillian Kyle Suitcases & Luggage range

I love to travel. Whether I'm making the most of what Scotland has to offer (hill walking, visiting friends around the country, spending a day in the capital) or travelling further afield, having a practical and stylish suitcase makes things much easier. My range of cases are great quality, lightweight and they have really handy storage compartments inside for mega-organised packing! They also have TravelSentry® Approved locks which allow your case can be opened and checked by airport security if need be, without the need to break into it or break your locks. Clever! 


The ‘Love Scotland’ Scottish Patterned Suitcase is one of my favourites and it features some of our most beloved Scottish icons....a Scottish Piper, Barr's Irn-Bru, a Scotty dog, a bottle of whisky, a majestic Scottish stag and a rather hairy Highland Coo!


Our suitcases come in a range of sizes and styles

The other designs include a majestic Scottish stag in my ‘Mr. Stag’s Reflection’ case (in three bold colours), the classic Scottish ‘Grey Thistle’, ‘Lola’ our Highland Coo and on the ‘Mapped Out’ case, a quirky, typographic map of Scotland. I’m creating more designs all the time, so watch this space!

Represent Scotland all over the world and stand out on the conveyor belt with your Gillian Kyle suitcase! Where are you going with yours? Tweet us @gilliankyle 


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