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Springtime in Scotland

Springtime in Scotland
I look forward to the start of Spring every year. When the clocks spring forward and we have that extra hour of daylight in the evening, it feels like there are more hours in the day and more time to relax or see friends.
Four seasons in a day...
Of course, Scotland’s weather isn’t 100% reliable (to say the least!) but the months of Spring can offer us a very welcome dry spell and a hint of warmer weather. My expectations are generally pretty low but if I manage to leave my jacket at home at least some of the time I’m pretty happy! The season encourages me to get outside much more, and I love packing up our walking boots and driving off for a good hillwalk. I’d recommend the Conic Hill in Balmaha, Loch Lomond. It’s good exercise without being too difficult, and there’s a great pub at the bottom for a well deserved meal afterwards.

The Gillian Kyle Mapped Out Range

When Spring comes rolling in, our many green spaces change once again and we are met with lovely burst of colour. Whether its daffodils in the park or one of my favourites, the cherry blossom tree, it is really nice to see nature blossoming after a dreary few months. My garden at home is a real work in progress (read - completely crazy and overgrown) but it comes into its own beautifully around about now and starts to have that ‘wild flower meadow’ look. I’m looking forward to getting into some serious gardening this year now that Angus is nearly 2 and can play happily on his own. No excuses now!

Hare Hare Square Print from the Butterflies and Beasties Range

There are quite a few children’s farms in Scotland which can be a great day out for everyone (my kids love them), and it’s lovely to see newborn lambs and adorable wee Highland calves. My Butterflies and Beasties range celebrates nature and springtime and it features a Highland coo with a big personality! Has spring sprung where you live? Send us in your photos @gilliankyle

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