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Serving up some new ideas…

Serving up some new ideas…

Serving trays...think they’re only for tea and biscuits? Think again! Getting creative with serving trays allows you to be organised and can help you to give purpose to a collection of different items or even just make the most of an empty wall space.

Beautiful Hare pattern serving tray by Gillian Kyle

I decided to create a new collection of tea trays as they are coming back into fashion, with all sorts of new designs and purposes. They can be used as a practical tray for serving breakfast in bed (if you’re feeling kind!) or for afternoon tea, but they’re also great for being used as an ornament holder or when they feature designs or images they can be used as a peice of art - prop them up or hang them on a wall to brighten up any space!

Try me out!

You can also make the most of serving trays by using them to show off a collection of special belongings, whether it be photographs, jewellery, trinkets or candles. They can be great in bathrooms as well, as a pretty organiser for your toiletries and things like your hairbrush. If you’re having a dinner party, they’re really handy for bringing through condiments and cutlery - and will save you a few trips from room to room!

Beautiful Thistle pattern serving tray by Gillian Kyle

One of a kind

My new collection of tea trays have been manufactured with Form Press, a family business run on the island of Öland, situated to the East of the Swedish mainland. The trays are birch-veneered and they are manufactured one by one by hand, using natural materials, meaning that every tea tray is unique. You can check out my new tea tray designs here. It would be great to see you get creative with them - send us your photos @gilliankyle

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