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Scotties and Westies

Scotties and Westies
In Scotland things tend to happen in pairs:
• highlands & lowlands
• kilts & bagpipes
• haggis & neeps
• Clyde & Forth
• Robert Burns & Sir Walter Scott
teacakes & caramel wafers
• Scotties & Westies
Scotties & Westies, or more formally Scottish Terriers and West Highland Terriers, are two Scottish pedigree dog breeds dating back to the 18th century and originally bred for their tenacious ratting and general hunting prowess.These two lovable rascals were brought together in 1890 in one of the first, most recognisable and enduring of brands - Black & White blended Scotch whisky - and have been inseparable ever since. And just like the whisky, the 2 dogs are popular all around the world sniffing out adventure and mischief wherever they go.And so it was no surprise that not too long after launching my contemporary Scottish gifts brand on the back of my first Tunnock’s products in 2008, I found myself inspired by these two playful characters (who could resist those wee faces) and they soon started popping up on my products.
I really wanted to capture the character and playfulness of these little chaps and now I've created a whole new litter of Scotties & Westie characters.Westie World
Westies to me display all the energy and industry typical of terriers but they also have a cheeky streak a mile wide.  Always busy chasing, digging and scurrying around: never a dull moment. And when they do finally run out of steam and down toys for the day, I bet they are still pursuing mischievous adventures in their Westie World dreams.My Westie World illustrations set out to capture all of these everyday adventures!Great Scottie

Scottie dogs always make me smile - I just can’t help it! Quite different in temperament to Westies, they always seem to be lost in some deep impenetrable thought. They do things in their own sweet time...
Great Scotties are proud and wise - and they always look a little like they've been here before.  They remind me of wise old men who sit and watch as the world spins around them.
If you've ever wondered what they are thinking behind all that hair, my Great Scottie range will let you in on the secret!

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