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Scotland the brave...

by admin 29 May 2017 0 Comments
Scotland the brave...

There’s nothing quite like hearing live bagpipes. Whether you’re at a wedding, celebration or even just passing by a piper in the streets, it’s always quite a magical experience. I find it almost impossible to visit our capital city and not come across a piper, especially if you’re walking along the Royal Mile. With the British Pipe Band Championships being held in Paisley this past weekend, I thought we should take a look at piping and its history.  In true Scotsman style, the bagpipes were originally used to scare off enemies on the battlefield, which makes them the only musical instrument in history deemed a weapon of war! We’re inventive, us Scots.

Kitchen Tea Towel with Love Scotland Design by Gillian Kyle

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Piping events around Scotland...

You can find piping events taking place all year round in Scotland. The National Piping Centre in the heart of Glasgow works to promote the study and history of piping in Scotland. It works internationally to keep up the special tradition of piping around the world - you can even stay in their very Scottish hotel where you’ll find tartan in most rooms.

I've been at 2 charity balls recently where the wonderful RHCP's have been playing and they are just fantastic! Maybe you saw my rather shaky Facebook live video (a few proseccos had been had by that point) of them performing at the Calum's Cabin (link) ball earlier in the year. They put on a really great show. (tag and link to RHCP)

Kitchen Tea Towel and Aprons with Love Scotland Design by Gillian Kyle

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You might have heard of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, which is an experience like no other. Set in the grounds of the Edinburgh Castle, the annual event displays the best selection of military tattoos performed by groups such as the British Armed Forces and other international military bands. They put on quite a spectacular display (spoiler alert: lots of amazing fireworks!) and the musicianship is pretty staggering. It has been known to bring a wee tear to the eye, too.

Follow the piper...

stunning stretched canvas with stags, bagpipes and thistles

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You’ll see my own friendly piper featured in my ‘‘Love Scotland’ range, on a number of items like china mugs, tea towels and placements. (links) I’m also delighted to share my brand new 'Monarch' stretched canvas print. This ready to hang piece comes in a variety of sizes and the artwork features majestic stags, tartan bagpipes and beautiful bees sitting on a background of softly intertwining thistles. It makes it a great talking point in any room and for lovers of all things Scottish. I hope you like it - check out there rest of our stretched canvas range here. 

Till next time!


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