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Let's Go Scotland! Euros '24 Is Go.

Let's Go Scotland! Euros '24 Is Go.

I’m buzzing with excitement here at Gillian Kyle HQ as the Scotland men’s football team gears up for our first match of the Euros in Germany on Friday. It’s an incredible achievement just qualifying of course, but I’m feeling optimistic!

The ‘No Scotland, No Party’ flags are flying, the kilts are kilting, the faces are blue and white and the Tartan Army are already doing us proud in Munich ahead of the game.

As a proud wee sporting nation, and perpetual underdog, every match our national teams play is a quest for guts and glory.

When our boys step onto the pitch on Friday, it won’t be just eleven men playing a game, it’ll be an entire nation coming together; hearts pounding, voices raised, palms sweaty. An electric atmosphere the length and breadth of the country. The sense of community is unreal, whether you’re in the stadium, in the pub, or watching from your sofa. The whole country is in this together, through every beautiful goal and every missed opportunity.

There’s no pride like Scottish pride.

So let’s go, Scotland! See you at the Finals!

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