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Haggis Spice Chocolate

Haggis Spice Chocolate

We'd like to share this story recently published by our  friends and Scottish chocolate supremos, Coco Chocolatier.

Get your Coco Chocolatier Haggis Spice chocolate bar here!

Calum Haggerty, Director of COCO
We are delighted to be launching our limited edition Haggis Spice dark chocolate bar.
The design featuring Scottish iconography by Scottish artist Gillian Kyle is a perfect fit to showcase on the Haggis Spice wrapper. 
COCO combines unique flavours with the highest quality ethical chocolate and bold artworks by independent artists. We are as passionate about contemporary art as ethical chocolate. To be able to support artists as well as challenge the industry to produce chocolate more ethically is what drives our work.

Scottish based craft chocolatier COCO is launching its new limited edition vegan Haggis Spice Dark Chocolate Bar featuring Love Scotland artwork by Scottish artist Gillian Kyle.
The Haggis Spice bar contains a blend of spices with single origin Colombian dark chocolate. Flavoured with cloves, allspice, nutmeg, and pepper then mixed into our dark chocolate. The final result is a smooth dark chocolate experience.
Coco Chocolatier is delighted to be collaborating with Scottish artist Gillian Kyle. Gillian, a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, is an artist, designer and entrepreneur. Her work is a fun, lighthearted celebration of Scottish  culture.Coco Chocolatier chocolate is both ethically sourced and sustainable. We source our chocolate at origin and we are proud to be:
• Palm oil free
• Vegan (all dark chocolates), Vegetarian (everything else)
• Origin made
• Supporting artists
Find Coco at:
• Website:
• Instagram: hope you enjoyed reading about our exciting collaboration with Coco Chocolatier. I've been a fan of theirs for a while so this was a fun (and delicious) project to work on. Its important to sample the product properly, after all.
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