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Gillian Kyle's modern Scottish gift guide

Gillian Kyle's modern Scottish gift guide
The countdown to Christmas is very much on and it's lovely to be able to treat the people you love.
I'm a big fan of gifts that people really want (none of this ‘for you, but really for me’ stuff) and minimising waste in the process. Whatever your budget is, there's no excuse for unwanted gifts in the bin. Fortunately shoppers, there are lots of great Modern Scottish gifts out there made locally from quality materials – here are some of my favourites from other Scottish designers.
I'm keen to bang the drum for Scottish creativity. What better time to support them than Christmas?

Modern Scottish Gifts (maybe) for him

Challenging, frustrating, impossible are all words I hear bandied about around gift buying for men but honestly it's not that tough!
img_1507 C201E / Chronograph Shell Cordovan Edition from Paulin Watches - Image used with permission
Paulin Watches was created by three ladies keen to support British manufacturers. They've got green credentials but most importantly make gorgeous and modern watches.
From their workshop/shop in Glasgow's hip Merchant City (where you can go watch the process.) They produce ladies and gents watches and sell divine custom straps in gorgeous leathers too.
Ok, it's a stereotype to say that men love tech, but the speakers RHA Audio offer put rapper endorsed headphones to shame. Sexy materials like ceramic, stainless steel make these built to last and they're all about precision – very suave and manly.
Image used with permission from Image used with permission from
Sporrans are a lifelong gift and McCrostie's is the place to go for sleek and modern. The mix of traditional skills and modern style is wonderful and the ladies bags are pretty swish too.

Modern Scottish Gifts (mostly) for her

Its founder began his business from a bothy on his uncle's croft on Skye so its hard to imagine a more Scottish back story than that of The Isle of Skye Candle Company. Since setting up they've become a great Scottish success story. I love the fresh clean smells (Lemongrass, yum) but I'm keen to try some of the wintery fragrances too. The packaging is fresh, bright and colourful too.
Another Scottish producer with a great story (and one you'll be familiar with too, if you read my blog regularly) is Mairi Helena. Her colours are just gorgeous and her textiles bring a wee bit of Scotland to any room.
Trakke Bairn Plum Image by Used with Permission Trakke Bairn Plum Image used with permission
Trakke – also based in Glasgow – make incredibly long wearing bags using British Made Materials including Harris Tweed. Their products are understated and I defy anyone not to love them.
Lastly cashmere from Brora absolutely isn't the kind of jumper you get your granny. They use cashmere from Scottish mills. They're fluffy, colourful and exactly what everyone should be wrapped in for winter!
Good luck with the Christmas shopping everyone.
Till next time,

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