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Supporting a very special charity – Calums Cabin

Supporting a very special charity – Calums Cabin
If you follow us on social media you might have heard about a very special charity close to my heart, Calums Cabin.
Calums Cabin – a countryside retreat for children suffering from cancer, or cancer related diseases and their families - was Rothesay boy Calum's idea as he battled an ultimately terminal illness. Always thinking of others, Calum realised how lucky he was to live in such a beautiful part of the world and wanted other children in the same position to experience it too.
How the cabins came to be…
Set up in 2007 the charity's fundraising started with the ambition of buying a caravan, but with awe-inspiring determination and courage Calum's family have managed to build 2 gorgeous cabins, with interiors designed by patron and interior designer John Amibile. Two six-bed cabins now offer families caring for a child who has cancer or a related disease the opportunity of a special and restful holiday on the Isle of Bute.
Paying for families travel costs, and offering accommodation means families from all walks of life can come and experience the beauty, peace and quiet of Bute. Families can spend some precious time together and hopefully make some wonderful memories too. But, all of this doesn't come cheap. The team at Calums Cabin work very hard to raise funds and keep everything running smoothly.
How they keep it running
Since they first started a phenomenal amount has been raised, far surpassing early goals. There’s now a Calum’s Cabin Charity shop in Rothesay and the team just never stop. They’ve been very active lately with summer highlights including a pop-up stall in Guildford Square during the Queen's big birthday (9-0 is quite a feat!)  Volunteers have been bag packing at M&S in Paisley where they raised £960.61. So far a huge 261 Kiltwalkers have walked for the charity this summer (there's still time to sign up for Edinburgh on 14th September – more here!)

A big team of volunteers who give their time to keep things running. More than 25 volunteers man the charity shop. There's a team who meet, greet and clean the cabins and people who promote the opportunity across the UK too.
The support they attract is rightly huge. Calums Cabin have been Lloyd's Banking Group's charity of the year this year. Cordia recently held a fundraising day for them and Santander have donated time.
I've been supporting Calums Cabin for a few years now by donating stock for their lovely shop in Rothesay.

Want to do more?
You can read more about Calum's story, and their fundraising exploits on their website, here. And, of course you can make a donation - right here!

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