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Scotties - the Highland terriers

by admin 08 Sep 2017
Scotties - the Highland terriers

Some of my recent designs feature a charming wee Scottie dog. Originally bred in the Highlands of Scotland, Scotties have always been one of my favourite dog breeds. They have strong character and a great (and rather forceful) personality. With a long history of being excellent watchdogs, they’re loyal and also occasionally quite stubborn!

Scottie Love Suitcase. Shop

Scottie dogs are more formally known as a Scottish Terrier, and are sometimes called an ‘Aberdeenie’. As a stubby wee thing with short legs, they're not great for marathon training, but will make a great walking partner. I love that they look so serious, but are really big softies! They don’t have a squeaky yap either, Scotties tend to have a loud and powerful bark that makes posties and visitors jump at the door...

A set of 4 Scottish Westie coasters by Gillian Kyle

Tartan Westie Set of Coasters. Shop

We Scots are all familiar with the heartwarming story of Greyfriar’s Bobby, the loyal Skye Terrier that visited his master’s grave every day until his last (read my previous blog on it here). Far from Scotland, there are actually quite a number of famous Scotties who were part of Hollywood’s elite, from Joan Crawford’s Scottie (Puppy Dearest!) to Shirley Temples’ Corkey, these dogs have been icons for a long time. Not to forget one of my favourite’s - cartoon Jock from Lady and the Tramp!

Drinks Coasters with Archie the Westie dog

Archie - Westie Coasters. Shop. 

I’ve always been very fond of dogs and I love to feature them in my designs. For me they are a huge part of Scottish culture and history, and of course they look so gorgeous too! My most recent design, 'Big Scottie', features on one of my limited edition suitcases - a cheeky dark black Scottie on

a bright coral background.

gillian Kyle big scottie dog suitcase print detail by Gillian Kyle

Big Scottie Limited Edition Case. Shop

Do you have a special Scottie in your life? Send us in your photos @gilliankyle - I’d love to see them!

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