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Welcoming wee lads and bonnie lassies into the world...

Welcoming wee lads and bonnie lassies into the world...
We are absolutely delighted to be sharing our new range of Scottish baby gifts with you! Our adorable baby collection includes organic cotton baby vests, rompers, sleepsuits, bibs and colourful nursery art and canvases - all with a very Scottish flavour.
organic cotton baby vest with quirky Scottish haggis design

Wee Haggis Organic Baby Vest, £16.50. Shop here

Screen printed in Scotland with Gillian’s hand-drawn illustrations including a very sweet little highland calf, a cheeky wee scottie dog, butterflies and bees and embellished with fun tartan lettering, this range is charming and fun. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a baby boy or a baby girl, we’ve got you covered for that special wee bairn.
Scottish new baby boy christening gift art set by Gillian Kyle

Bonnie Wee Coo Nursery Canvas, Shop now. £25.

‘Silvering the baby’
There’s a long-standing Scottish tradition that when a newborn baby is first taken for a walk around the local streets, passers by (particularly older ladies), put a coin into the hand or pram of the newborn baby as it passes. If it grabbed the coin, the baby would have luck with money, and if not, then they should be careful. We don’t know how common this tradition is nowadays, but it’s quite an odd one!
Second-hand cake
There are also a number of Scottish superstitions that come with a new baby... In the past, it was said to be bad luck to call a baby by their name before it had been christened - which we think would be pretty difficult. For good luck, married couples would save the top of their wedding cake for their first baby’s christening!

organic cotton baby romper sleepsuit with quirky Scottish Tunnock's Teacake printOur 'Wee Teacake' Baby Romper, Shop now

Oh ye canny shove yer granny…aff a bus!
This (slightly shocking phrase for a non-Scottish person) is one of many Scottish children’s songs and nursery rhymes. From Skinnymalinkie Longlegs to Wee Willie Winkie, Scottish babies are still brought up with these light hearted and often quirky rhymes.
A spoonful of lucky porridge...
Scottish new baby gift art set by Gillian Kyle

Bonnie Wee Scottie Canvas, £25. Shop here

Traditionally, any women present at a Scottish birth had to take three spoonfuls of a mixture of oatmeal with water. This was thought to bring the baby strength and good luck! We like porridge here, so we’d give it a go!
So, if you’re looking for a Scottish new baby gift, buying for baby’s first Christmas or just shopping for a wee yin of your own, why not take a look at our new Gillian Kyle Scottish baby gift range!
Scottish new baby boy christening gift art set by Gillian Kyle

Bonnie Wee Laddie Canvas Set, £65. Shop here

We’d love to see your baby photos! Send them in @gilliankyle

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