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How to make Tunnock's Wrapper Daffodils

How to make Tunnock's Wrapper Daffodils
How to Make Caramel Wafer Paper Daffodils
We're very lucky to have a lovely and bright studio in Glasgow's West End, with a vibrant wee courtyard outside full of flowers, bird feeders and even a sunny picnic table where we can have our lunch.
As Spring is finally here and our studio is surrounded by daffodils, we thought we'd share this wee project (thought up on a sunny lunch break).
Who doesn't need Caramel Wafer paper daffodils in their life!? Here's a step-by-step guide...

What you'll need:
Yellow Paper
Caramel Wafer wrappers (oh dear, you'll just have to eat a few)
Scotch tape or glue stick
Green pipe cleaners or loose stems from your garden
1. Start with a 4 inch square of paper (or go all out and use some more Tunnock's wrappers!)
2. Fold in half diagonally.
3. Fold in half diagonally again.
4. And one more time.
5. Cut into a petal shape and snip a hole in the tip. This will now look like petals!
6. Now use a Caramel Wafer wrapper and cut into a circle
7. Fodl this circle in half so that you can see the design on the outside
8. With a glue stick or scotch tape, fold half circle into a cone
9. Assemble by putting the cone into the flower opening
10. Then use a green pipe cleaner (or some loose stems from your garden like we did) and secure through the hold with some tape
Ta da! You have a Tunnock's daffodil!
We even made a FULL Caramel Wafer one...

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