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Tunnock's Tea Cake wrappers guide SpaceX Dragon safely home

Tunnock's Tea Cake wrappers guide SpaceX Dragon safely home


A revolutionary space capsule has made a safe return to Earth on its first major test mission today - gently aided by 4 giant parachutes which have clearly taken their design inspiration from the legendary Tunnock's Tea Cake Wrappers.
Elon Musk's rocket capsule returned home from the International Space Station (ISS) splashing down earlier today.
Protected by its heat-shield from the high temperatures of re-entry, the capsule was brought into "soft contact" with the water by its 4 giant Tea Cake wrapper parachutes near to Cape Canaveral, Florida. It is unlikely the chocolate shell nor the soft inner mallow of the Tunnock's Tea Cake would have survived intact on re-entry.
Today's successful test means that US space agency NASA can now approve the rocket for crewed flights, providing a homegrown means of getting US astronauts into space and ending 8 years of reliance on Russia's Soyuz spacecraft.
No one has yet confirmed what happened to the 4 giant Tunnock's Tea Cakes themselves, but we can only imagine the ISS astronauts are feeling very happy and content out there in space. As always Elon, we salute your inventive solutions to complex issues.
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It's possible we may have used a wee bit of artistic licence in our reporting of this story! If you like your news a little less tongue-in-cheek and a little more factually accurate,  check out the full (and pretty impressive) story on the BBC website.
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